Pastors & Staff

Dwight & Bonnie Allen

Lead Pastor & First Lady

Lead Pastor Dwight & Bonnie Allen have been in ministry since 1976 and after retiring for just a few weeks they decided the retirement life was not for them and came to The Anchor church in 2017. The Allen's have 3 children and 4 grandchildren and have been a huge part in the growth of The Anchor church since 2017.  Prior to this endeavor Pastor Allen and Sis. Bonnie pastored faithfully at the Cooper City Church of God for 31 years from 1985-2016 where they consistently grew in number and had to learn to pastor a church from more than 64 nations under one roof.  Growth is not always easy but the Allen's long to reach every person and family possible for the Kingdom of God. Pastor Allen has always been involved in church planting and church growth and has a passion to mentor other ministers at both his home church and throughout the World Missions department. Pastor Allen served on the COG (international) World Missions Board for 10 years from 1994-2014, COG (International) National Pastor's Advisory Council, COG Florida State Council, Council of eighteen, COG Florida evangelism board and many more board throughout the years. In 2015 the Allen's were both inducted into the Pentecostal Theological Seminary Hall of Prophets and continue to serve faithfully, day in and day out.

Jeff & Kathy Carter

Associate Pastor

Jeff and his wife, Kathy, were both born and raised in Florida. Kathy and Jeff both graduated from West Nassau High School here in Callahan, FL. They have been married since 1998.  They have two adult children, Dusty and Bryce as well as two beautiful grandchildren, Tristan and Victoria. Kathy graduated from Florida State College of Jacksonville with a degree in nursing. Jeff studied at the Church of God School of Ministry and is an Ordained Bishop in the Church of God. Jeff and Kathy are products of the Anchor COG both being saved and baptized here. They have been involved in ministry since 2012 while serving as youth leaders at the Anchor COG for a couple of years and then youth pastors  at the River of Praise COG in Yulee, FL. for several years. In 2017 with great joy and honor Jeff and Kathy came back home to serve as Executive Pastors of the Anchor Church of God.

Ethan Thompson

Youth Pastor

Ethan Thompson has been in the ministry for almost nine years. He began his ministry at Cornerstone Church of God in Fairmount City, Pennsylvania at the age of nineteen. During his tenure at Cornerstone, he worked for three and a half years as both Youth and Associate Pastor. Ethan earned his Exhorters and Ordained Ministers licenses while residing in Pennsylvania. In 2017, he returned to The Anchor Church and began serving as Youth Pastor working with youth ages 12-18. While working full time as Youth Pastor, Ethan obtained his Ordained Bishop’s License and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies from Lee University, where he graduated in May of 2021. When Ethan is not working with the youth group, he enjoys spending time with his fiancé, Rachel McDaniel. Ethan also cherishes every moment with his closest friends and family. Ethan desires to see a move of the Holy Spirit upon this generation like never before.

Josh & Wendi Williams

Young Adult Pastor & Secretary

Joshua & Wendi Williams have been the Young Adults Pastors at The Anchor Church of God since 2018. Joshua was born in Slidell, La and moved to Florida as a teenager to Callahan, Florida. Joshua became an ordained minister in the Church of God in 2019 and works full time as an Electrician for Cogburn Bros. Electric.  Wendi has been a part of The Anchor Church since she was born and is a life-long resident of Nassau County. Joshua and Wendi have been married since 2009 and have a passion to reach, teach and disciple young adults. They started the KingdomBuilders Ministry for ages 24-50 who meet every Wednesday at 6:45. They strive to disciple others, help them recognize their spiritual gifts, develop their talents and skills and help others grow into mature Christians as they build their homes and foundation on the Word of God. Wendi spent 10 years in the hospitality industry and continues to serve our church as a full-time employee as executive secretary, events coordinator and Women's Ministry President. Joshua and Wendi want you to know that they cannot wait to meet you. There is always a place for you at The Anchor Church. 

Rachel McDaniel

Worship & Fine Arts Director

Rachel has played the piano for 14 years (along with lessons) and took vocal lessons for 6 years. She competed in district and national Fine Art competitions for piano and voice for 7 years and has a few placements under her belt. She is currently an online student at Evangel University getting her Bachelors in Church Ministries. She loves worship and it is her passion to lead people into the presence of God! Her heart is to see people, young and old use their talents and passions for the Kingdom of God.